Efficiency in the kitchen for the WIN

Maximizing your time in the kitchen is KEY to mom sanity and crushing fitness goals. If you’re going to preparing dinner for the family, you need to be thinking about what else you can be prepping without adding hours to your kitchen time! Ain’t NO-BODY got time for a full Sunday meal prep day. For example… tonight I’m cooking chicken fajitas for the whole family. First, I always cook at least double the amount that I need so that I can prep some lunches for the following days. Secondly, I will be making some egg cups while my chicken is cooking. I’ll be making two different kinds: fajita egg ups and turkey bacon/veggie egg cups. These are really so simple to make and are super easy to grab in the morning. But first… what you’ll need for your Lean Chicken Fajitas:

Chicken tenderloins sliced
1 white onion sliced
1 green bell pepper sliced 
1 red bell pepper sliced 
All seasoned with:
Black pepper
Chili powder
Garlic powder
Onion powder

TIP* Get two gallon sized zip-locks, put seasoning to taste in each, throw veggies in one and chicken in the other and SHAKE! Good old Shake-N-Bake style!

Cook your tenderloins for about 20 minutes on 375. While your chicken is cooking, you’re going to sauté your veggies in a tablespoon of avocado or olive oil on the stove. While this is all going I throw a bag of steam-able broccoli into the microwave (TAKE THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTENCE WHEN YOU CAN!) and get my turkey bacon going on the stove. This all seems like chaos but you’ll see it’s just REALLY good multi tasking.

Once my chicken is done I throw it in with the veggies and let it simmer on low to soak up the veggie flavors. Serve with corn tortillas or over a bed of romaine lettuce. Add some guac if you extra girl.

NOW, your Egg Cups:

1 Frozen Steam-able bag of broccoli
6 slices of turkey bacon
Avocado oil
1 dozen eggs
Fajita veggies
Fajita chicken
2 muffin tins (or one dozen muffin tin)
Non-Stick Spray

Get out your 2 muffin tins. Don’t use muffin papers… learned this the hard way. Spray your tins with non stick spray and in one you’re going to fill each with broccoli, turkey bacon, and season to your taste. Over each mixture you’re going to crack 1 egg over the top. You will repeat this in your second tin but instead of the broccoli and turkey bacon… add some of your fajita veggies and a little chopped up fajita chicken. Throw those bad boys in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350. 

In the same amount of time that you would have been just staring at an over cooking waiting on dinner to be done, you now have dinner, lunches and breakfast cooked for the next few days. EFFICIENCY IS KEY!

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