What is a Coach?

The basis of this business is helping others by paying it forward. By working a fitness and wellness program ourselves, creating a lifestyle, and learning the endless possibilites of health and wellness, the best thing we can do is pass it along! This business creates freedom from personal and physical ties, financial freedom and freedom to dream BIG. 

Why join my team as a Coach?

A big part of joining our team is working with amazing, driven people across the country – we consider ourselves a family! Seriously, we are there to encourage each other, teach and learn from each other, and share our successes to help others build strong businesses out of this opportunity, and even stronger friendships.

Keep an open mind! Just like we believe that fitness is for everyone, so is coaching. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy a local 5K, right? There is someone out there who is in a similar spot to you who YOUR story and journey will help. Likewise, everyone “runs” their online fitness and nutrition businesses differently, according to their skills. We learn from each other. We share best practices — from writing effective social media posts to marketing fitness challenges to better time management.

This is a business and YOU are your OWN CEO. Wow. More than 90% of people work for someone else. This is your chance to have your own gig, to enjoy the freedom of creating your schedule, work environment and a life by design. And you have a ton of support. Two key points. Read both. One of them should speak to you.

1. You do NOT have to be an expert in fitness or nutrition. LET. ME. REPEAT. You do NOT have to be an expert. I am a former nurse, mom of two very young children, and someone who has struggled with yo-yoing my entire life. I have always been aware and conscious of my health but that has always been in the form of obsessing over a scale and what I saw in the mirror. I have always looked for the fast track and that resulted in bouncing all over the place in my weight and wellness. Honestly, there was no wellness. When I had my second child, I started using Beachbody On Demand’s 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology out of survival. I needed to have energy and feel good enough to keep up with a newborn and a 12 month old. This is when everything changed. I realized that if I looked at fitness as a means of actually taking care of myself inside and out, the scale and what I saw in the mirror would reflect that. After 2.5 years, I decided I had to help other women feel this way. You will use your own story, your own struggles and successes to inspire others to take action. (How did you lose weight, how do you stay motivated, what programs worked for you?) People are inspired by real people and often make buying decisions based on personal referral, not always on an expert opinion. 

2. If you are ARE an expert in fitness or nutrition, awesome, and we do have a few on our team. This type of coach will grow their existing fitness business with a powerful strategic partnership with Beachbody. You can include your OWN fitness and nutrition tips in your challenge groups and use some Beachbody programs or products to fill in the gaps (everyone can benefit from a nutrient dense shake). You will continue to promote your OWN brand (YOU!) and supplement your income with online coaching and nutrition.

Why I became a Beachbody Coach is something probably so many of you can relate to! Accountability for my own health, wanting to create a freedom for my family, and to build confidence in myself!

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