Carbs are really tricky because we’ve been taught they’re the key to failure in weight loss or keeping the weight off, but you NEED carbs. The purpose of carbs are to give you energy. Fiber-Filled Carbohydrates (aka FFCs) are the kind you will need to focus on when planning your meals—because the fiber in carbs makes the energy last longer and they’re better for weight loss.

You have 3 types of carbs: sugar, starch and fiber. Sugar carbs are going to be coming from your fruits (or junk food) and these will spike that energy quick but it crashes just as quickly.  Your starches are things like your potatoes and starchy vegetables such as squash… not all veggies are created equal . These provided a little more of a sustained energy and are all still great for you, but you need the protection of fiber. Think of fiber as the football pads.

So your fiber is the football pads to your carbs. It makes it harder for that 300lb boy to take out our quarterback… you with me? It requires more of the body’s energy to break down fiber. Therefore, the body must work harder to process your food. This is firing up your metabolism, leaving it in the body longer, creating energy, that burning energy torches the unwanted fat around our organs and saddle bags. 😉

So how do we make sure we’re getting enough fiber and not too much CRAP? 

•Choose ones you won’t overeat

•The serving size is easy to track

•It’s 150 calories or less PER SERVING SIZE

•There’s at least 1 g fiber for every 10 g total carbs… this is a MINIMUM… the more the merrier!

•Pick ones with the same, if not more, fiber grams than sugar grams

•Pick ones without any trans fats (i.e., partially hydrogenated oil)

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