Let’s start with what’s going in your mouth! My program is not a DIET, this is not 1991 honey. This is a lifestyle. You will learn how to eat, grocery shop, meal plan, and live life while fueling your body with MACROS not CALORIES. This is for the whole family so we focus on sustainable cooking habits and healthy modifications to your guilty pleasures.

Now let’s talk about your fitness. You will have 1,200+ workouts for a whole year literally in your pocket. Your workouts are “stream-able” to your phone and any other electronic device your heart desires. This means you can take your personal trainer with you anywhere you go and get your workout in absolutely anywhere. There is a program for everyone and I will help you choose the perfect one for you.

Your accountability group will be filled with like-minded ladies just like you working to crush their goals. I will guide the group daily through the program and you will get encouragement, accountability with check ins and tips to crush your goals.

Supplements to FUEL the gaps! Even when we eat all the right things, unfortunately we live in a world where our food just doesn’t cut it! I help supplement the losses throughout this program with a super food shake, a natural energy drink, plant based recovery drinks and a whole lot more!

Let’s build a better you together!

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